Client: Voicebridge GmbH

MSME is a platform for reporting and tracking product and financial transactions for Micro Small Enterprises – MSEs (shops/stores that buy and sell products to the end customer). The system offers a Voice User Interface, that shop owners use to report credit loans to customers by voice, by calling in the system by phone. Both shop owners and customers can get voice-based reports for their outstanding dues. Instant SMS notifications as well as reminders are being sent for every reported transaction to all parties involved. The system is based on event-driven microservice architecture, for which our team has developed several microservices.


  • Managing due statuses: service for validating and storing the reported due amount
  • Phone number validation: service for applying syntax validation rules to provided phone numbers
  • Sending SMS notifications: service for sending instant SMS notifications triggered by events, and sending reminders on some defined schedule
  • Creating reports: getting data and creating reports based on report requests
  • Event simulation (for testing purposes): service for producing events simulating real events (due total reported, report requested etc.) that trigger the work flow of the services in the system

Services Provided

  • Solution and architecture design
  • Software development
  • Integration with external APIs
  • Data Performance Optimization


  • .NET 5
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Kafka
  • Google Protocol Buffers (Protobuf)