Plans & Goals

Client: Direct Media

Software for planning marketing budget for clients, both on an annual and monthly level. All functionalities consist of two main screens (screen for input planning data and screen for analyzing and reviewing data). The main functionality is creating and versioning budget plans, which can be reviewed and compared with other plans/versions and realization. Users can filter, input, compare, analyze, save, confirm and export data. Detail and summary views are available, same as reviewing on different levels.


  • Synchronization with other systems
  • Filtering data (agencies, agents, clients, medias, sub medias), based on user rights
  • Annual and monthly input modes
  • Automatic parameter calculation (Income, Expense, and Profit) based on input parameters (Net, Agency Fee, Client avb, Supplier avb, Price delta)
  • Distribute annual parameter values to monthly values
  • Summary view of parameter totals
  • Compare current plan version with other sources (plans/versions and realization)
  • Copy values from other sources (plans/versions and realization) to current plan version
  • Lock/unlock data for edit on user-role level
  • Save (archive) current plan version
  • Review data on client or media level
  • Export data to excel

Services Provided

  • Business requirements analysis and solution design
  • Software Development
  • Integration with Authentication System
  • Data Performance Optimization
  • Maintenance & Support


  • .NET Core 2.0
  • Angular 5
  • MS SQL Server