Sentinel Pro

Client: Direct Media

SentinelPro is a media planning and monitoring enterprise platform which helps media planners to plan and monitor marketing campaigns for their clients in Print, Digital, Outdoor and Radio media. Account managers can create campaigns for clients, planners can make advertisements plan and see the total planned budget. Furthermore, during the realization of the campaigns, the system computes the realized budget spending based on the real adds broadcasting, so that planners can monitor and adjust plans to fit the target client budget for the campaign.


  • Campaigns – module for creating and managing Print, Digital, Outdoor and Radio media campaigns
  • Planning – module for planning Print, Digital, Outdoor and Radio media campaigns
  • Monitoring – module for monitoring media campaigns
  • Pricelists – module for managing pricelists for Print, Digital, Outdoor and Radio media broadcasters
  • Conditions – module for managing payment conditions for media broadcasters

Services Provided

  • Business requirements analysis and solution design
  • Software Development
  • Integration with Authentication System
  • Data Performance Optimization


  • .NET 5
  • Angular 9
  • MS SQL Server