SilarisWMS – Warehouse Management System

Client: Crafter, Würth Croatia, Würth Bulgaria, Würth Makedonia

Silaris Solution is developing its own product SilarisWMS. SilarisWMS is a warehouse management application that helps companies to optimally organise and manage their warehouse operations. SilarisWMS is completely integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. All transactions are processed in realtime in Dynamics 365 Business Central. SilarisWMS can be easily adapted to the specific need of your business. New functionalities can be added and existing functionalities can be modified.

SilarisWMS enables

  • Inventory check using PDA device
  • Elimination of manual work and decrease in errors
  • Efficient and precise warehouse operations
  • Immediate processing of all transactions in ERP
  • Optimisation of warehouse space


  • Receipt and put away
  • Movement and replenishment
  • Delivery and picking
  • Item and bin check
  • Inventory
  • Lot tracking
  • Price printing