Client: Hishab

VOICEBOOK is a product that offers different services to entrepreneurs and shop owners through unique voice user interface based on a dialogue, via a phone call. The system enables keeping records of financial transactions and purchase orders, sending of instant sms and e-mail notifications, sending of periodical reports, preparation of voice reports on user demand. The system is based on event-driven microservice architecture, for which our team has developed several microservices and significantly contributed to designing the solution and software architecture.


  • Voice-based bookkeeping
  • Voice-based e-commerce
  • Voice-based payments
  • Voice-based bank loans application

Services Provided

  • Solution and architecture design
  • Software development
  • Integration with external APIs
  • Data Performance Optimization


  • .NET 6
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Kafka
  • Google Protocol Buffers (Protobuf)